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Featured Courses

Coding Python

Unlocking Python’s Power

Decode the potential of Python programming. From basics to advanced techniques, unlock the power of Python for limitless possibilities.

App Inventor

Mobile App Creation Essentials

Unleash your creativity with App Inventor for mobile app essentials. From concept to creation, master the art of app development now.

AI & Machine Learning

Neural Network Applications

Embark on an AI & ML journey with neural network applications. Real-world projects ensure practical expertise. Start mastering today for tomorrow’s challenges!


3D Design & Printing

Sculpting in the Digital Age

Unleash your creativity! Explore 3D design & printing. Craft your vision, from digital sculpting to real-world creations. Join us – shape the future!

Apple Swift Mobile Apps

Hands-On Swift Coding Workshop

Transform your mobile app dreams into reality with Apple Swift. Immerse yourself in captivating coding workshops and unleash your app-building genius.


AR/VR Copsage & Composer Reality

Interactive Stimulation Design

Discover the art of blending reality and virtuality with AR/VR Copsage & Composer Reality. Master interactive simulation design for immersive storytelling.

Other Popular Courses

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Coding Scratch

Start your coding journey with Scratch, understanding block-based programming to design and code your own animations, games, and stories.

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Lego Robotics

Combine creativity and technology in LEGO Robotics, constructing robots and programming them to navigate obstacles and solve real-world problems.

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VEX Robotics

Gain a solid foundation in robotics with VEX, designing, building, and programming robots to compete in exhilarating challenges and competitions.

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Coding Roblox

Coding Roblox: Craft virtual worlds, games, and experiences using Lua scripting for endless creativity and interactive adventures on the platform.

curriculum minecraft image

Coding Minecraft

Introduce coding through Minecraft, exploring Java fundamentals to create custom mods, fostering creativity and logical thinking in young learners.

curriculum microbit image

Micro:Bit (Digital Makring & IoT)

Spark curiosity in young minds with Micro:bit, introducing coding, electronics, and IoT concepts through hands-on projects, fostering innovation and exploration

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