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Train-the-Trainer (TTT) for Teachers

Comprehensive training program for teachers which cover the rationale behind STEM education, latest STEM focuses.  Participants will have the ample opportunity to experience designated STEM activities related to their daily teaching. They will apply the Engineering Design Process (EDP) and be encouraged to reflect on all aspects of STEM education.  Sharing of our experience from schools and students’ feedback will be highlighted.  Evaluation will be provided at the end of training for further professional development.

Video Learning Integrated into Classroom Activities

Step-by-step pre-recorded video learning with specially designed quiz, flash cards and challenging activities in a single package.   It allows students to have individual learning or teachers to use as supplementary to their classroom teaching.  Teachers could track and review student progress throughout.  Courses include Scratch and Python for your choice.


A variety of STEM interactive activities organized for half day, full-day or across a week cater for the need of schools for a specific group of students or across levels. Activities range from hands-on DIY STEM activities to coding and robotics. It could be a taste of fun, to enhance students’ interest in STEM  or professionally designed to meet school’s plan.

Extra-curricular Activities

A wide selection of inquiry-based STEM learning curriculum ranging from DIY hands-on STEM, Robotics and Coding, Micro:bits and IOT, Apps design, Scratch to Python, Machine Learning or ARVR.  Our curriculum is thematic and project based.  We have the option for participants to receive their learning portfolio to understand how the training go and what is the next level of learning.


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