Student Information

Registration and Tuition Payment Arrangements

1. Students must read the “Student Notice” in detail before enrolling. Once they register, they will be deemed to have read the Student Notice and agree to abide by its contents.

2. When completing the admission application form, please ensure that all the information is correct. If there is any change in personal information, please notify STEMex Academy as soon as possible.

3. The school will not be responsible for the failure of the school to notify any arrangement of the class due to incorrect information provided by the student.

4. Parents and students must be clear about the class date and time when registering, and the school will not remind you otherwise.

5. After submitting the application for admission, students or parents are required to keep all documents in a safe place until the end of the course.

6. If there are personal leave or sick leave for the course. Please refer to the <<Absence arrangement>>.

7. Tuition fees paid cannot be transferred to others.


Instruction For Class

1.Students must attend classes on time according to the scheduled date and time, overtime classes will not be made up.

2. Video recording, photography and audio recording without instructor permission are strictly prohibited in the classroom. If found, the school has the right to cancel its student status and call the police.

3. Students are not allowed to make noise in classrooms and corridors, chase, and cause nuisance to ongoing classrooms. They must keep clean and cherish public property. If there is any damage, they must pay compensation according to the price and their student status will be cancelled. The school reserves all rights to pursue responsibilities.

4. Students are not allowed to bring any animals, plants, glass products, all sharp objects and inflammable items into the school premises. If found, the school has the right to refuse students to enter the school premises.

5. Each student needs to prepare a laptop or Mac or iPad to attend class. (Exclude Lego Wedo/ Lego EV3 / Vincibot). The detailed information will be sent after registration. $20 fee per lesson will be made for lending laptop.

6. For Coding Minecraft and Creative Minecraft, parent need to purchase the Minecraft Java Edition license (around HK$210). That is a lifelong and one-off payment only. Installation guideline will be sent after your class registration.

7. Please make every effort to drop-off and pick up your child on time. When a child arrives late to school, or a parent/guardian is picking a child up early, it creates a disruption to learning and can make it difficult for a smooth transition.

Absence Arrangement

1. Personal Leave

If you are unable to attend class due to important events or school activities, you must apply for personal leave through our center’s WhatsApp two days before the original day.

2. Sick Leave

After enrolling in the course, if the child is unwell and unable to attend the class, the parents should notify the center no later than the day before the class with a copy of the doctor’s certificate issued by the registered medical office.

Make-up class will be made for the above case. Please refer to the <<Make-up Class Arrangement>>.

Make-up Class Arrangements

1.Make-up classes are only applicable for Regular Workshop and are nonrefundable and non-transferable. In the event of dispute, STEMex holds the rights to the final decision.

2. All make-up classes need to be taken within 1 month. The missed class cannot be carried forward to another term. Outstanding make-up classes will be forfeited after the last day of the current term.

3. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform STEMex by email before the start of the class in the event of absence.

4. Make-up classes will be the same curriculum as they enrolled.

5. A maximum of 1 make-up class will be provided per month.

6. Make-up class will only be offered in the form of a group lesson where the student joins a class at the same level. Make-up classes are subject to availability, and we will try our best to place the student in a class at the same level. We will try our best to provide alternative class dates/times for the make-up but do not guarantee the available timeslots will fit the student’s schedule.

7. NO make-up class or refund will be arranged due to weather or other acts of nature beyond our control. Please refer to the <<Arrangement of Classes during Tropical Cyclones or Heavy Persistent Rain>>


Arrangement of Classes during Tropical Cyclones or Heavy Persistent Rain

1.Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.1 or 3 or the ‘Amber’ Rainstorm Warning Signal

1.1. All classes and seminars will be held as scheduled and offices will remain open.

1.2 When the Hong Kong Observatory announces that Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 will be lowered to No.3 in the middle of the day, all classes that have been cancelled will not be resumed on the same day.

1.3 If the weather is unstable, parents can decide whether to send their children to school. However, no refund or make-up class will be arranged.

2. Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No.8/No.8 or above or ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ Rainstorm Warning Signal

Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No.8/No.8 or above***Red’ or ‘Black’ Rainstorm Warning Signal***
Issued during classes in sessionAll classes in session will be suspended immediately.*
If the signals are still hoisted at or after 8.30 a.m.Classes commencing at morning will be cancelled.**
If the signals are still hoisted at or after 12:30 p.m.Classes commencing at afternoon will be cancelled**

* Parent should pick up their children as quickly as possible.
** No make-up class or refund will be arranged due to weather or other acts of nature beyond our control.
*** All ONLINE class will be held as usual.

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